Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Capturing memorable moments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Capturing memorable moments - Essay Example The author, Bill McKibben, in his work â€Å"Year One of the Next Earth,† writes about how the frequency and the intensity of all the hurricanes are increasing year after year. Initially he describes the hurricane by explaining what it actually is and then goes on to talk about a research paper which was presented by a scientist named, Kerry Emmanuel, who had researched on the intensity of all the hurricanes had had shockingly discovered their rising intensity with each passing year. Just after Emmanuel had presented his paper, he saw the nature itself approving it by the incident of the hurricane Katrina. His paper was the proof that the old extreme was the new norm. The author after providing this shocking discovery goes on to discuss about the reasons why the intensity of the storms and hurricanes are increasing. He says that the humans themselves are the reason for the rising intensity of the natural disasters. This is because the destructive activities such as production of smoke leading to overall global warming are accountable for the rise of the natural disasters. He says that global warming leads to natural rise of temperature, which is leading to thwarting of the ice in the Polar Regions, and rise in sea level. Moreover, the overall rise in temperature is leading to rise in temperature in the tropical areas. Even the area where the temperature was unfit for breeding of mosquitoes filled with them now due to the absurd rise in temperature. All these disasters are accountable to the malpractices practiced all over the world. The writer states in the end that we are living in a different world than the world our parents or grandparents use d to live in. Although we do not realize it apparently but the pictures that the writer has provided along with the text proves it. The writer finally concludes that we could call this the Earth that we are living in is the first year of the New Earth and therefore in this way the writer

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