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Is Santa Claus Real

If I had to choose one question that signifies the transition between childhood and adulthood better than anything else, I would probably select this one: Is Santa Claus real? It may sound silly, but there is something very deep and significant here. Childhood is the time when we readily believe in miracles because miracles are still part of our lives, part of our worldview. We do not see anything drastically unrealistic about a red-clad bearded man climbing down a chimney to give us presents. After all, adults have told us that it is what happens, and the adults are supposed to be trusted, aren’t they? So why shouldn’t we trust them on this particular subject? When I was a kid, Santa Claus was just one of the things the adults told me about – not much different from any other thing I heard from them and had to accept at face value. The moment a child starts feeling that there is something amiss with this situation is the moment after which he or she can no longer be called a child in the true meaning of the word – for he or she has lost the ability to unconditionally believe in miracles. We all gradually accumulate common sense and worldly experience as we go along, and the moment we start asking ourselves this question is the moment when we achieve a certain point in our ability to perceive and judge the world around us. So, is Santa Claus real? It depends on who you ask and what you mean by ‘real’. If you mean an actual person, a single individual who goes around on Christmas leaving presents in stockings dangling before the fireplace – then, of course, there is nothing of the kind. But as a concept, Santa Claus is very much real. Until a certain age, children do believe in him (unless their parents actively discourage them from ‘that nonsense’) and he actually has impact on their lives. They get presents thinking that they come from Santa Claus, they write letters to him; in other words, they live as if he, for all practical purposes, was real. After all, there are numerous other things that only exist as concepts and not as parts of objective reality, but they still have great influence on our lives. Has anybody ever seen justice, love, trust or honesty? Yet people generally tend to believe that these things do exist, and this belief affects our lives. Belief in Santa Claus, no matter how silly it may sound, is not very much different – if children are capable of believing in something, even though adults consider it to be ridiculous, and this belief changes the way they behave, this something can be called real. Should children be led to believe in Santa Claus? A lot is said on the subject, with some thinking that it clouds their judgment and hinders their development, undermines their trust towards the grown-ups (if they can lie about one thing, why cannot they lie about everything else?) and implants psychological bombs that may go off decades later. Others suppose that belief in Santa Claus is natural and indispensable part of childhood, and it would be simply cruel to deprive children of it. As for me, I don’t think there is something inherently harmful about it; what is bad about the way children perceive Santa Claus today is the erosion of meaning. Santa Claus used to be a power aimed at making children strive to become better – today he is more like a walking present dispenser, devoid of any additional overtones.

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Essay on Mentoring a Third Year Student Nurse - 2078 Words

For this assignment I will address Morton- Cooper Palmer (2005) enabling traits and discussed the core skill of a mentor. I will analyse and reflect on how I’ve utilised these skill with a third year student nurse in my practice area (cardiology) I will also reflect and evaluate my mentoring experience with my learner to see if there is any area of improvement or changes to be amended. The Department for Health (2001) defined a mentor as an individual who facilitates learning and supervises and assesses students in the practice setting. As mentors, they make time for there students, checked student performance, set boundaries for the shift, knew what students were learning, explain what they were doing, asked questions and†¦show more content†¦According to Stuart (2007) members of a multidisciplinary team make up the team even though they are not as visible as nurses and midwives in the clinical area. Their attitude towards learning and students will also greatly influence the learning environment. The clinical learning environment should be safe and secure for students to learn effectively. Working in a cardiac ward is very busy and challenging. The Clinical environment is unpredictable, patient condition changes so quickly they can easily arrest or go into failure. As a mentor, one has to be observant and alert, sometimes student find it difficult to work in this area. With regular practice and encouragement my student was able to enjoy her placement. I discussed the health and safety procedure with my student, shown her all the fire exits, the meeting points for all staff and patient’s in case of fire. I demonstrated to her how to use the emergency alarms and the telephone codes in case of emergency. I gave my student the copy of the trust’s policy regarding Health and Safety ward hand book. Clinical learning environment should be conducive to learning and professional development; students should feel safe and be aware of their own safety at all times whilst on the ward. This is one of the characteristics of an effective mentor (confidence) as this was successfully achieved with no complications. It enables myShow MoreRelatedMaking A Healthy And Safe Workplace1248 Words   |  5 Pagesworkforce as a novice nurse is often quite shocking. No longer is there an instructor behind you guiding your every move. Nursing education teaches you the fundamentals and on the job experience builds upon those fundamentals. New nurses are learning how to perform basic skills and assessments, as well as how to be critical care nurses all at the same time. In previous years, this was not an issue. New graduate nurses were often not accepted into specialty areas within their first year of nursing. Read MoreNurse Mentoring Concept Analysis Response996 Words   |  4 PagesNurse Mentoring Concept Analysis Response Introduction According to McEwen and Wills, concepts in the nursing profession are words that describe a variable of nursing practice (2014, pg. 50). Concepts, once defined, are used in research to test hypotheses that will increase knowledge and theory development. However, concept definitions change with time and context. Therefore, it is important to thoroughly and succinctly define concepts within an analysis for a meaningful application. Mentoring inRead MoreStudents With A Unique Learning Experience1096 Words   |  5 PagesAs a recently qualified nurse, I am now being given the opportunity to Mentor a fellow student. However both myself and the practice placement environment have weaknesses and threats, this essay will demonstrate that these can be overcome and therefore provide the student with a unique learning experience (Lawson, 2011). The benefits of being able to supervise and broaden the knowledge and skills of a pre-registration student should be taken on board and valued as a fundamental part of not onlyRead MoreCodes Of Conduct And Code Of Ethics925 Words   |  4 Pagesscopes of practice and accountabilities. In this way, efficiency and success can be determined in a nurses professional growth. Under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (2009), the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia regulates the nurses). Nurses are classified into two, namely; Registered nurses (RNs) or enrolled nurses (ENs). In addition, Nurse practitioners (NPs) are registered nurses who have been endorsed who have the qualifications and specific expertise which meet registrationRead MoreCapstone Project : A New Clinical Instructor Essay1651 Words   |  7 Pagescoach and mentor nursing students in their skills and critical thinking. During my tenure as an adjunct clinical instructor the nursing program never assessed my skills. As a clinical instructor students are looking to you as an example. Many times the examples provided are lacking in evidence-based practice knowledge and clinical competency. One specific memory is of a student asking for assistance in placing a nasogastric tube. As an experienced emergency room nurse many would have thought myRead MoreThe Emergency Room Nurs es Organization1347 Words   |  6 Pagesopportunity for professional nurses to develop an understanding of nursing profession and health care overall. Membership in a professional association can lead to an increased awareness of health issues such as outbreak of Zika virus, also provides opportunities in education, mentoring, networking, career assistance, and certifications. The purpose of this paper is to write about a specific professional nursing organization. This paper focuses on the Emergency Nurse Association (ENA). In 1970, theRead MoreThe Development Of App Preceptors Essay977 Words   |  4 Pagespractice gap for novice APPs. Significant Studies A review of the literature was performed and yielded 26 articles relevant to precepting programs for novice nurses and advanced practice providers (APPs). For the sake of brevity, only the literature regarding novice APPs will be evaluated in this paper: six studies. Two had a date range exceeding 10 years, and were included in an attempt to fully explore the applicable literature. All of the articles reviewed can be found in Appendix A. The Johns HopkinsRead MoreReflection: Nursing and Mentors Essay3273 Words   |  14 PagesNursing Practice Review Mentoring Keywords: Mentoring/Continuing professional development/Portfolio ââ€" This article has been double-blind peer reviewed CPD for mentors: creating a portfolio Mentors can use a portfolio of evidence to show continuing professional development In this article... Why mentors need a CPD portfolio How to create a portfolio of evidence Using a SWOT analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses Author Louise Lawson is senior lecturer, School of NursingRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Third Year Essay1102 Words   |  5 PagesMy Third Year â€Å"Nurseversary† In a few short weeks I will be coming up to my third official year as a clinically practicing bedside registered nurse. I am feeling a mixture of emotions: Pride, restlessness, uncertainty, elation, determination, humble, and many other feelings I cannot yet describe since there is no name for them. Nursing is all I ever wanted to do. I can’t quite remember how I caught the bug but I do remember making the decision to pursue this career and never looking back. I haveRead MoreMentoring A Qualified Health Professional Essay2378 Words   |  10 PagesMentoring a student is a great challenge for my entire career as a qualified health professional here in the United Kingdom. I have been registered as a Nurse since 2001 and have worked in Respiratory Ward and Cardiology Ward in NHS Trust here in Leeds and have been involved in teaching and supporting students during their placement in the Trust. In the past, I have been working with various mentors who guided me to understand the various characteristics of being a mentor and helped me established

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Wellness Plan Free Essays

Well I started to e myself gaining weight, I told myself that I was not happy with the way I looked and I was going to do something about It, I Joined Ballsy Fitness. That did not last very long, I was going to the gym two times a week for at least 2 months and did not see much of a change so I gave up going and Just decided to start eating right, that helped a bit, I was doing k I told myself and then shortly after that I got divorced and the stress from all the consequences of getting divorced made me loose a lot of weight, which was great but I lost it in an unhealthy way. I was able to keep the weight off, until I got involved in a relationship which after a couple of years went downhill and I became very depressed, which led to another eating binge and the weight gain came back in no time. We will write a custom essay sample on Wellness Plan or any similar topic only for you Order Now With the positive influence from friends I was able to join a group at work in which we walked 3 times a day, 15 miss for both our morning and afternoon break and about 20-25 miss during our lunch, we did this everyday we were at work. You are probably wondering what was the purpose behind this first paragraph? I Just wanted to give you a bit of my background with my challenges due to my weight. Now at the age of 33 1 am a mom again and so far I am lucky to have lost just about all the weight I gained during pregnancy. I have decided to keep up the healthy eating habit I adapted while being pregnant but I have now also added a 30 min walk each evening around the Jogging track at the community center. I plan on doing this until my baby is at least 3 months old where he can be a stroller for a longer period of time without a head support. I believe by starting off with the 30 minute walk I have had a little bit more energy during the day, instead of feeling like I have to sleep all day long as my baby slept. Together with breast feeding, the 30 minute of walking will help me burn more calories which assist with the weight loss and help eliminate the possibility of diabetes or heart disease by not being overweight. I know by not sticking to my plan, It could lead to negative results such as, continuous weight gain which can potentially lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, less energy to spend time with my family, also lack f motivation to get my school work done, resulting In poor grades, and which can eventually lead to me being unhappy and unhappiness can affect you In many ways. In order to make sure that I suck to my plan of choice I need to make sure that I make the time everyday like I have been doing to vaults the community center to put In the 30 miss to get my walking done. As my little one gets older I plan to Increase that 30 miss to at least an hour or even try to incorporate some other form of exercise at least two toner clays out AT ten week. As I make tense plans to lead a enameller Tie ten only obstacles I see that could prevent this is myself. I need to make sure I stay as discipline as I am now to follow thru. Also I need to make sure that throughout my busy schedule I do find the time to get these activities done. I plan on sticking with this plan for at least a year, by the end of that year I plan to be at least boss as compared to the 159 lbs I am at now. If this is achieved, I will not only be a happier person but will be able to do more with my family, especially with my kids. My reward will be a long awaited shopping spree! How to cite Wellness Plan, Papers