Friday, December 13, 2019

Wellness Plan Free Essays

Well I started to e myself gaining weight, I told myself that I was not happy with the way I looked and I was going to do something about It, I Joined Ballsy Fitness. That did not last very long, I was going to the gym two times a week for at least 2 months and did not see much of a change so I gave up going and Just decided to start eating right, that helped a bit, I was doing k I told myself and then shortly after that I got divorced and the stress from all the consequences of getting divorced made me loose a lot of weight, which was great but I lost it in an unhealthy way. I was able to keep the weight off, until I got involved in a relationship which after a couple of years went downhill and I became very depressed, which led to another eating binge and the weight gain came back in no time. We will write a custom essay sample on Wellness Plan or any similar topic only for you Order Now With the positive influence from friends I was able to join a group at work in which we walked 3 times a day, 15 miss for both our morning and afternoon break and about 20-25 miss during our lunch, we did this everyday we were at work. You are probably wondering what was the purpose behind this first paragraph? I Just wanted to give you a bit of my background with my challenges due to my weight. Now at the age of 33 1 am a mom again and so far I am lucky to have lost just about all the weight I gained during pregnancy. I have decided to keep up the healthy eating habit I adapted while being pregnant but I have now also added a 30 min walk each evening around the Jogging track at the community center. I plan on doing this until my baby is at least 3 months old where he can be a stroller for a longer period of time without a head support. I believe by starting off with the 30 minute walk I have had a little bit more energy during the day, instead of feeling like I have to sleep all day long as my baby slept. Together with breast feeding, the 30 minute of walking will help me burn more calories which assist with the weight loss and help eliminate the possibility of diabetes or heart disease by not being overweight. I know by not sticking to my plan, It could lead to negative results such as, continuous weight gain which can potentially lead to serious health conditions such as heart disease or diabetes, less energy to spend time with my family, also lack f motivation to get my school work done, resulting In poor grades, and which can eventually lead to me being unhappy and unhappiness can affect you In many ways. In order to make sure that I suck to my plan of choice I need to make sure that I make the time everyday like I have been doing to vaults the community center to put In the 30 miss to get my walking done. As my little one gets older I plan to Increase that 30 miss to at least an hour or even try to incorporate some other form of exercise at least two toner clays out AT ten week. As I make tense plans to lead a enameller Tie ten only obstacles I see that could prevent this is myself. I need to make sure I stay as discipline as I am now to follow thru. Also I need to make sure that throughout my busy schedule I do find the time to get these activities done. I plan on sticking with this plan for at least a year, by the end of that year I plan to be at least boss as compared to the 159 lbs I am at now. If this is achieved, I will not only be a happier person but will be able to do more with my family, especially with my kids. My reward will be a long awaited shopping spree! How to cite Wellness Plan, Papers

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